I’m gonna get fired 💆

today on over sensitive feminist fucks up simple task

Unprofessional as fuck. If a customer asks for something a certain way, fucking do it.

You don’t know WHY she asked for it that way. You don’t know their life story. It’s a stretch, but it could be something more than just “gender roles.”

This reminds me of those cunts working at Starbucks that would give whole milk to thin girls asking for soy-milk drinks. Because “thin privilege bluh bluh bluh.” God forbid someone be deathly fucking allergic to milk.

Y’all need to calm the fuck down on your political agendas and give customers what they ask for. Because, despite your perceptions, you aren’t fucking all knowing, and you don’t know why the customer is asking for it that way.

JFC. You know you’re privileged when you feel like you have the right to fuck up a job because of feelz.

If your political pet issues get in the way of you carrying out your customer’s stipulations 

get a new fucking job. 

Please get fired

I’m all for dismantling gender roles but the fuck sake, you can’t deny the requests of others, especially your superiors just because ‘feelz’.